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Catch Reports April and May 2014

Posted 17/06/2014 by: Lin
Category: Catch Report

Sneaking into June, we are only at the 17th June and a little pre-view of just the 20lb plus caught this month
3/6 Peg 21 a 26lb 14oz
5/6 Peg 4 a 21lber
10/6 Peg 21 a 21lb 2oz, Peg 4 a 22lb 7oz
11/6 Peg 21 a 22lb 11oz, Peg 4 a 22lb 12oz
12/6 Peg 9 a 23lb 8oz
13/6 Peg 7 a 26lb 11oz
17/6 Peg 17 27lb 1oz
These weights are after spawning so we are looking forward to some more lumps coming out.
For the full list of 20lb plus, where and when see the tips tab.

Catch Report for May 2014
Peg 1 Produced a 13lb, 19lb 2oz
Peg 2 a 10lb 8oz, 18lb 8oz, 17lb, 15lb 8oz and an 18lber
Peg 4 gave a 14lber
Peg 6 gave a corking 26lb 10oz, 22lb 10oz, 22lb 9oz, 18lb 12 oz, 17lber, 11lber, 23lb 5oz, 17lb 4oz
Peg 7 another good producer gave a 17lb, 14lb, 12lb, 13lb 8oz, 14lb, 17lb 8oz, 18lb, 19lb, 12lb 16lb, 14lb 4oz, 16lb 8oz, 15lb 4oz, 15lb, 17lb
Peg 9 a 16lb, 14lb 8oz, 10lb, 16lb 8oz, 9lber
Peg 11 produced a 17lb, 17lb 6oz, 19lb 7oz, 17lb 12oz
Peg 12 a 10lb 12oz, 14lb 6oz, 18lb 10oz, 17lb 7oz, 23lb 2oz, 16lb 12oz, 14lb 8oz
Peg 14 a 20lb 1oz
Peg 17 another 20lb 8oz and a 23lber
Peg 18 18lb and a 10lber
Peg 19 gave a 14lber and another 222lb 1oz and a little 6lbe
Peg 21 a 17lb, 19lb 7oz, 8lb 6oz, 17lb, 9lb 4oz, 15lb 4oz, 19lb 8oz
Peg 22 a 15lb, 15lb 8oz, 17lb 4oz, 17lb 8oz
Peg 23 a 14lb 8oz
Peg 25 a 13lb 6oz

Catch Report for April 2014
Peg 1 a 14lb 10oz
Peg 2 an 11lb 12oz, 16lb 8oz, 17lb 6oz
Peg 4 produced a 13lb 4oz, 15lb 4oz, 18lb 8oz
Peg 6 a 12lb 9oz, 17lb 10oz, 18lb 5oz, 6lb 3oz, 5lb, 18lb 8oz, 14lb, 16lb 8oz and finally a 22lb 4oz
Peg 7 an 18lb 4oz, 18lb 2oz, 22lb 10oz, 18lb 8oz, 19lb 8oz, 6lb, 12lb, 15lb, 18lb 8oz, 15lb 10oz, 8lb
Peg 8 a 10lb, 13lg
Peg 12 a 14lb 2oz, 19lb, 13lb 8oz
Peg 14 a lovely 22lb 8oz, 19lb, 13lb, 16lber
Peg 21 a 10lb 8oz, 12lb, 14lber
Peg 22 a 13lb and a 12lb
Peg 23 a 7lb, 14lber
Peg 25 a little 7lber

Catch Report 1st Jan to 31st March 2014

Posted 02/04/2014 by: Lin
Category: Catch Report

Catch Report 1st Jan to 31st March 2014
We know this is a late report but we have opened a Rainbow Lake Forum on Facebook, this is kept up to date, with plenty of hints and tips not only from us, but from the anglers themselves. Anyway here we go
Peg 1 a 14lb 2oz
Peg 2 a 16lb 5oz
Peg 4 a 21lber, 12lber
Peg 6 a 10lber
Peg 7 a 6lb 4oz, 12lb 4oz
Peg 10 a 16lb 8oz
Peg 11 a 17lber
Peg12 a 13lb 5oz, 14lb 6oz, 15lb 12oz, 15lber, 15lb 4oz, 18lb 12oz, 15lb 7oz
Peg 21 a 13lb 4oz, 18lb
Peg 22 an 11lber, 13lber, 14lber
Peg 23 a 17lb 6oz, 25lb 4oz, 18lb 4oz
Peg 25 a 16lb 6oz, 20lb 8oz

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