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Newsletter 2014 till 31st March

Posted 02/04/2014 by: Lin
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Newsletter 2014 till 31st March
Having just done the catch report and 20’s list till end of March it would be fair to say that most of these fish have been taken during March. Chod rigs having done most of the damage, but now as the weather warms up, zig rigs will also be worth trying.
As the new season begins and you walk around the lake you will notice a couple of changes, peg 15 has been removed and 24 are no longer in use this gives more water for anglers. All the paths have been coated with gravel and the pegs sharp sand. Please be aware that the sharp sand does tend to stick a bit when wet and you will need to put something under your reels ie. a towel or rag, it will stabilise as time goes on.
Also new for 2014 we have started a Forum on Facebook, you can get there by typing Rainbow Lake Forum in the search section and my face will appear and you are there then just click on join button, when joined you will find an array of tips and advice also up to date photo’s and general info. Please note that we do not allow 3rd party selling, swearing and keep to the subject of Rainbow Lake angling.

Newsletter Oct to Dec 2013

Posted 27/12/2013 by: Lin
Category: News

Newsletter Oct to Dec 2013
Finally got round to doing the website. Not as popular now there is the Rainbow Lake Forum on Facebook, but will always be the site for information and full catch reports, rules, regs, etc.
As from 1st January 2014 a breakfast will cost £4.00 an increase of 50p, and as from 1st March 2013 a 24hour ticket for fishing will cost £14.00 an increase of £2.00.
As always at Rainbow the angler will see changes as regards to this price adjustment like Peg 24 being closed permanently, Peg 15 also closed permanently and Pegs 8, 9, 10 & 11 will be maintained but not all open at the same time, rotating these will give anglers more water to achieve his goal.
Although these changes remove 3 pegs, all who are on the lake will benefit from this change.
Lots more fish out this year 6,420lb of carp including 47 fish over 20lb and the overall number being approximately 433 fish with the average weight being 14.8lb. As you can see, the place is improving all the time and we will continue to maintain this standard throughout 2014.
Keep more up to date with Rainbow Lake on our Rainbow Lake Forum.
We would also like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year.

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