Rainbow Lake Rules

  1. All anglers must be in possession of an EA Rod licence
  2. No mats, cradles nets or weigh slings are to be brought on site, these are provided by us. (Pick up from/return to caravan) Weigh slings are also floating retainers, fish to be retained for no more than the time it takes to prepare camera, scales etc.
  3. Anyone caught stealing the equipment provided or found to be removing fish will be reported to the police and prosecuted. They will also have their names(s) passed onto other fisheries and banned
  4. Bivvies and Brolly systems only. No tents allowed.
  5. Barbless Hooks only.
  6. Minimum 2.00lbs test curve rods.
  7. Three rods max. No rods to be left unattended it is an offence under EA licence bylaw and offenders may be asked to leave.
  8. Minimum 15lb main line.
  9. No braided main line except for markers float use.
  10. No fixed leads. Leads on lead clips must be able to eject without undue force if caught in a snag.  Leads on semi-fixed rigs or running rigs must be able to free themselves in event of the line parting. When using chods or helicopter rigs the hook link must be able to slide off the main line if it parts.
  11. No leaders of any kind allowed. Rig tubing to be used only.
  12. A carp care kit must be carried by all anglers and must be used to treat all hook holds or any other damage on the fish.
  13. Fishing from marked pegs only.
  14. No home prepared nuts.
  15. Bait boats may be used sensibly.
  16. No loud music/noise, please respect other anglers on the Lake
  17. No under 10 years allowed at any time. Under 16 years only allowed with an adult.
  18. No drugs. Alcohol only in moderation.
  19. Parking on car parks only.
  20. No open fires or damage to trees and bank side features. Raised barbecues may be used.
  21. No climbing over gates or fences, offenders will be asked to leave.
  22. Only one guest allowed. Guests are the angler responsibility and are allowed by prior arrangement only. No visitors allowed, anyone found to have unauthorised visitors during opening hours or after hours will be asked to leave.
  23. No Litter, discarded line/tackle, cigarette butts or tea bags. Please take all of your rubbish home with you.
  24. Takeaways are available locally but they are to be ordered to arrive before 6pm as gates will be locked.